For a good balance between risk and potential return
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Protective Assets
Growth Assets
Risk Tolerance

The balanced portfolio is built for investors looking for a good balance between risk and potential return. This portfolio consists of a solid combination of stablecoins to provide a consistent income stream and growth assets for increased return potential. Buy and hold strategy for passive investors.

You can learn about asset allocation & investment strategies here.

Asset Allocation

40% Protective, 60% Growth Assets

Investment Strategy

The investment strategy consists of 40% in stablecoins, 20% in Bitcoin (blue chip), 20% in Ethereum (blue chip), 20% in Solana (large cap). Blue chip crypto assets, these are the well-known coins that long-term crypto investors look to for security, Large cap are the top 10 crypto assets. They are generally more stable than the lower market capitalization assets.

Coins & Tokens

These assets can be purchased on



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